This is just a  place to put things I have found for my own future reference, and for anyone else who happens to stumble across it.


Chat Bot v0.1

After playing around this evening by following this Channel 9 tutorial – I got the following up and running. If you’re interested, you should say hello, or ask about the weather in a place, or ask about “jonnus” I intend to progress this further following information at this link

About Me

Professional Life

I currently work for Mouser Electronics, as a Lead Web Developer for the Internet Business team. I am on the team reworking this legacy website to take advantage of the benefits we can gain from applying MVC to this solution.

Recent projects have included

  • Reworking the Account Creation and Login processes
  • Providing support for our partners at Macnica in Japan
  • Ongoing conversion of legacy Active Server Pages to MVC views

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